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Under the control of computer, the AGV becomes a driverless automatic vehicle that guided by magnet or laser guidance device, driven by server, run through fixed route and finishes transportation. It provide highly flexible and automatic transportation for modern manufacturing industry and logistics. The magnetic guidance sensor is the product used on AGV and developed by Shenzhen OK Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd, whom also provides AGV position sensor, guidance tapes. We are looking for your cooperation.
   Comparing with other mechanical transmission, the gear transmission has the advantages of reliable performance and long lifetime, constant as realtime transmission, high efficiency of transmission, compact structure and wide scope of application of speed and power.
   Stable transmission --- changeless realtime transmission rate, reducing shocking, vibration and noise as much as possible for better power transmission and stable moving.
High loading capability --- It’s required that under the light-weight and small-size condition, the gears must be highly strong and wearable, no failure like gear breaking off will occur within the scheduled usage period.
In the designing, manufacturing and scientific researching, it’s all for two basic requirements in profile curve, gear strength, manufacturing accuracy, processing methods and heat treatment technics, also the most important connection for processing and
meeting accuracy.
Below table 3-5 and 3-6 shows the standard bevel gear modulus m and confirmation of basic tooth profile.

Standard modulus
Bevel gear
Basic tooth profile of coniflex gear
Basic parameter
Tooth profile angle
Tooth addendum
Working depth of tooth
Tip clearance
Tooth root filet radius
Bevel gear
According to the design and structure, get standard modulus m=2.5 from table 3-5, then confirm data of basic tooth profile of coniflex gear size, tooth addendum =2.5
  Working addendum`h`=5
     Tip clearance c=0.5
  Tooth root filet radius pf=0.75
Big-end reference circle diameter d=mz,get the number of teeth z=30
    Tooth breadth b=0.3 ×R   R is the conical spur  get b=13.317
           take b=14  
Conical spur R and big-end reference circle diameter known, so the reference cone angle =57.65°
Calculate the transmission power of the two gears according to mesh formula to meet the requirement.

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