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      With the fast development of China automobile industry, many China automobile manufacturers have already put AGV technology into use of automobile or engine assembly line for improving automation level, which helps to improve the automation application level of whole production line, lower labor intensity, and it also adapts the site change of the assembly system in the future. Such applications are much useful in engine manufacturing industry of foreign countries. But the AGV technic route is too simple (simple circle route, almost completely fixed assembly points) on this mode, the AGV system optimization dispatching is ignored, the AGV is almost treated as carrying machine for moving in order.So such application mode is just simple one for AGV.

Below picture shows the application of OKAGV in China automobile accessories factory

Now we have the buried electric-magnetic guidance or magnetic tape guidance AGV systems which are for automobile assembly line and engine assembly line in China, the systems can be used for automobile general assembly and engine assembly instead of traditional ground chains or conveyor mode.
       Generally AGV control systems can be divided into upper control and AGV unit control, the interface and performance of each control level is pretty clear, so as the structure. In the mean time, as the sub-system of automobile or engine assembly line, the upper controlling computer of AGV system can communicate with production line control system by equipping corresponding communication module. Usually, AGV upper control system is in charge of task generation (loading and unloading, recharging, etc), vehicle dispatching, traffic control, communication management and visual monitoring, etc. AGV unit control system accomplishes the tasks from upper control system, like AGV vehicle guidance/guidance calculation, vehicle driving and automatic loading and unloading.(It was the manual loading and unloading on the old automobile assembly line)

The AGV tasks are executed by order on automobile assembly line, there’s no any optimizing process for AGV dispatching and traffic control, so the quantity of AGV is completely decided by the production ability of manufacturer and the moving speed of AGV itself, which has nothing to do with system optimizing dispatching.
       It’s very common and practiced for the application of AGV in foreign automobile industry. In 1998, General Motors had 3,000 sets of AGV, what they did is: finishing the automatic transportation of automobile assembly materials or working under harsh environment. However, based on the above procedures, the route were much more complicated than single path assembly, and longer distance. Also the control tactics for concurrent transportation efficiency promoting and path traffic control are much more complicated than the single path.

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