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   What will AGV be like in the future? One senior executive from OK Automation Co., Ltd summarized below 7 points:
1、AGV market are being developed into two directions, one is for higher-level market with high automation, the other one is for circulation domain, offices and human-connection market of low level.

2、AGV are being developed into multi-guidance and intelligence. For the preset transportation plan and advantage of driverless transportation vehicle, the key is guidance system. The electric-magnetic guidance was the earliest developed for AGV guidance, and currently which has been mostly widely used. Due to the weakness of e-m guidance, then come the optical, magnetic, laser, mark tracing and graph sensor guidance. Those guidance modes fully express the high flexibility, efficiency, reliability and low-cost characters, and AGV are being developed into intelligence for a new level.

3、The system stimulation method has been used more and more for testifying project feasibility of  AGV. Special stimulated language is user friendly and the price of stimulation is getting lower. Usually the stimulation system contains color graph input and displaying system, stimulation processor and language.

4、 In the research of AGV modularization, many same functions can be found between different AGV modules, so for different usage and shortening new product developing period, it’s better to use modularization for design, design all function modules into different series, then combine according to specific purposes.

5、 The AGV system control structure has more functions for material tracing and information storage, in order to support ‘on time’ production and communication between AGV or other controllers.

6、 Combine all the flexible advantages for operation, make it more high-tech and being used in prospect.

7、 AGV will still keep its growth in industry application, and will come to life and servicing industry, including office, hospital, hotel, post department, supermarket and golf course.

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