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   The Chinese robot market are growing rapidly, the market demand might reach to 35,000 sets by 2015, which is 17.5% to the global demand.

   The director of Shanghai Economic and Information Committee, Dai Haibo said, Shanghai has already put robot development as the key industry and important special project for intelligent manufacturing equipment of high-end equipment concept.

   He said, ‘Our target is that this output value could be 20 billion RMB by 2015, including manufacturing and system integration, and 60-80 billion by 2020, which covers more than 50% to domestic share.’

   At the press conference hosted by Shanghai Government yesterday, the routine deputy director of CHINA INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY FAIR organizing committee office, also Dai Haibo when introducing base case of the 14th CIIF, said robot industry should be one of the few fast-growing and high-growing industries worldwide. The sales of international robots last year was 166 thousand sets, increased by 38% than the year before last year, which is 8.5 billion USD, increased by 46%. If calculated by plusing system integration and peripheral equipment, the total market revenue could be 22.5 billion USD, what a fast growth.

   However, the growth in China was faster, it increased twice more in 2010 than 2009. It also would be 50% more in 2011 than 2010.

   But he also said, 80% of Chinese robot market was still covered by international companies, especially ABB, FANUC, YASKAWA, KUKA, all these four large enterprises had manufacturing or system integration companies.

   For this fast growing market, after discussing, Shanghai government believed they should do something. More than 10 major enterprises gathered in Shanghai. Pudong and Baoshan could be robot industry zone. Enterprises including the above international companies and Chinese enterprises, have set up their branch in Shanghai. Additionally, Shenzhen OK Electric Equipment Co., Ltd and some local enterprises in Shanghai, like Baogang, Shanghai Electrics, are taking active part in researching to the robot industry.

   Dai said, we might focus on Pudong and Baoshan due to distribution, or other districts or counties, but Pudong and Baoshan could be the key robot industry zone.

   He said, the city government hope robot industry could be one new shining development by few-years effort.

   City government will discovery in some ways of robot, key components, system integration and servicing robot R&D and manufacturing.

   The 14th CIIF hosted by NDRC of China, Commerce Dept., MIIT, MST, Education Department, CAS, CAE, CCPIT and People’s Government of Shanghai, will be held from Nov 6th to 10th in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The theme of this CIIF is ‘Innovation transformation and strategy for new developing industry’.

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