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Sanfeng Intelligent invested 450 million RMB for constructing ‘Transportation robot’, one of the five major projects

   The first phase of intelligent transportation outfit industrialization projects, invested by Hubei Sanfeng Intelligent Transportation Equipment Inc. for 450 million RMB, are being constructing.

   The general manager of the company said the intelligent transportation outfit industrialization projects include five major projects of intelligent transportation outfit, enterprise technology center construction, intelligent welding, storage logistics automation, AGV and transportation robots. This project was listed on major construction projects 2012, with 2.33 million square feet and 450 million RMB investment.

   The construction was hot at the site of first phrase of the project on 1st.

   City leaders and relative departments supported actively for the project setting up, planning, environmental impact assessment, construction permits, fire controlling, land deed management, project bidding and project acceptance to the company. By Dec 2012, three supplies and one leveling,  geological exploration, construction and design, are all accomplished. All other construction would begin at Feb 2013, and the first phrase should be into operation by 2014.

   There must be a group of talents of high-tech for the company entering international competition and product’s outstanding performance. The main problem for the company now is the talented persons. One million RMB annual payment will be ready for talents from China, and company will introduce relative professional technic talents from Japan and Germany, which might quicken the international development. (Original Chinese text from Dongchu Evening Parer, translated by Michael Wen)

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