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10 billion RMB investment in Hainan Province for new-energy automobiles

As it’s reported by chinanews.com in 25th, 10 billion RMB of new investment will be used for Hainan province automobile industry. Till 2015, 3068 facilities will be built for new-energy car parking, charging and maintenance, 10,000 new-energy automobiles will be put on the market, 7.8 million liters of fuel will be saved per year. Industrial specialist thinks that the policy are directly beneficial to new-energy automobiles.

Reported by Yang Diwen

Build the New-energy Automobile Demonstrating Island
Chen Wanxin, deputy officer of industry and information office of Hainan province, revealed in Global New-energy Automobile Conference 2012, that Hainan would promote energy-saving and new-energy automobiles in public, taxi, rental, official business and community, trying to build a new-energy demonstrating island with advanced level in China.

According to energy-saving and new-energy automobile demonstrating project plan of Hainan province, a Haikou new-energy automobile demonstrating operating system would be built during the 12th five-years plan, which would make Haikou as the leading energy-saving, new-energy, manufacturing and testing center in China. Open the vehicle market of official business, Haikou and Sanya airport, electric vehicles, Wenchang Aerospace Launching Site in 10 cities and 8 counties of the province, promote energy-saving and new-energy automobile and relative vehicle accessories manufacturing industry and supply.

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 Beneficial new-energy and complement

Shi Liqun, a senior investment adviser from Xinlande Shenzhen, suggested Hainan’s a million investment for new-energy automobiles demonstrating island, promoting new-energy automobiles in multichain, which was truly beneficial to relative listed companies. On short terms, new-energy automobile manufacturers would get the direct benefit, so would the Li battery and charging station industry. On long terms, though new-energy automobile now is still new-born, with the improvement of supported facilities, the scale effect will occur, with lower cost, technology improvement and healthy growth. On investment, new-energy automobiles have been always highly concentrated, and relative listed companies were timely active, currently this field is in low estimated level comparing to history data. Investors can pay more attention to ANKAI bus, BYD and JAC in bottom field.

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