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According to the research and analysis by Shenzhen OK Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd, most of the enterprises are labor-intensive, actually they manufacture by manpower. Though many enterprises complain about the recruitment difficulty, actually the labor force is still enough. Due to cheap labor force, Chinese enterprises have lower need for the automation than European and American countries.
       Though it’s just the beginning for AGV industry in China, no doubt that in the near future, it will rise due to the objective causes.

One, in China there are some enterprises having found the great potential of AGV, paying attention to the self-developing and introducing advanced technology. They have strong points in some fields and export technology to South Korea.

       Two, the computer integrated manufacturing system develops and the flexible manufacturing system and automation tiered warehouse are being widely used. OKAGV,and its connection and adjustment of straggling logistics management system for ongoing automatic transportation, loading and unloading, will certainly be widely used.

        Three, some information shows that during the whole process of production, time for processing and manufacturing only covers 5%, the rest 95% is for storage, loading and unloading, processing waiting and transportation. In the United States, direct labor cost covers less than 10% of production cost, which of the rate is still going down, while storage and transportation covers 40% of production cost. So currently, all the industrial developed countries are now focusing on logistics structure transforming and logistics cost reducing, which regarded as the key to success in competition. Logistics now have been developing modernly in order to meet the needs of modern production.

       Four, practice has proved that AGV solution designed according to factory’s real situation has great influence in labor force reduction, manufacturing efficiency improvement, production increasing, energy saving, defective index decreasing, etc.

Shenzhen Autok Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd is the leading AGV manufacturer in China who specialized in AGV, transportation robots and other non-standardization transportation equipment. Autok leads the innovation of AGV, meets clients’ needs as best we can, and gains good image from clients. The AGV, AGV system, driverless pulling vehicle, logistics automation equipment, driverless automatic system, transportation robots, driverless transportation system of workshop have been used successfully in various large enterprises. By improving industry value and leading innovation, Autok become the catalyst for AGV development in China.

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