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AGV technology is much more advanced with stronger processing capability than before. The more advanced AGV becomes, but the easier to operate, the key is to build friendly solution for creating easy operation and maintenance.

The PLC and industrial computer is the brain of AGV. With the development of technology, these units have move functions,they will receive and process more data, and they can record all the error codes and routes of months. We will understand stopping time of production and know how to promote efficiency from these information. In some cases, the stopping time can be a good chance for AGV battery recharging. The bolts match and recharging starts when vehicle stops to transfer free time into valuable recharging time.

Nowadays, it has faster speed of recharging and longer everlasting time of electricity, which makes AGV products keep moving forward.
Though AGV has more functions and lower cost than before, the way to lower costs is to make product standardization.

In the future years, the other big problem of the society is labor force shortage. It’s predicted that in 2015, such shortage will affect the industry development. The future labor force shortage will increase the availability of AGV to end users. So what’s the future of AGV technology?

Currently, for poor application of AGV in refrigerated warehouses, Mark Longacre from JBT Company predicted that such situation will come soon. It’s harsh environment both human and robots need to face to. And the situation might be worse for investment returning.

The other field for extension and transformation is in fork truck industry. It’s predicted that more and more fork truck companies will involve into AGV market. For now, many AGV manufacturers are independent, but they are expecting the integration with material transportation companies.

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