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   It’s getting harder to tell the difference between AGV and driverless pick-up vehicle after the AGV manufacturer increases its flexibility and lowers its price. But generally speaking,AGV can only carries products back and forth through fixed route, driverless pick-up vehicle is usually operated without driven, it’s driven and guided by magnetic tape, laser, electric or magnetic positioning device. The driverless pick-up vehicle can be transferred into manual mode, for AGV must be moved out of the route. The fork can be installed or uninstalled on the driverless pick-up vehicle.

   The driverless pick-up vehicle and AGV both must meet the safety standard of the industrial production. Except for the sound and light alarm, sensors must be also installed to detect roadblock and vehicles can decided when to slow down and pull over to prevent crash. Sensors with laser and camera can detect roadblock, distance and height.

   The key difference is that the driverless pick-up vehicle has more types, such as pallet fork vehicle, balance lifting fork vehicle, order pick-up vehicle, tower fork vehicle, reach fork vehicle, most of them are electric driven. Various kinds of guidance system are adopted like laser, visual guidance, RFID and GPS. In some cases, there are numerous guidance control systems on a driverless pick-up vehicle, for example, NDC8 control system can work with all the guidance systems, it’s allowed to use this guidance system in storage area while use  another guidance system when in manufacturing factory.Safety should be guaranteed no matter which guidance mode adopted.

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