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   What’s the AGV? AGV is a flexible and intelligent logistic transportation robot.

   Currently we have the below saying:English Name: Automated Guided Vehicle and AGC(Automatic Guided Cart)Mandarine

Chinese Name:自动导引车
Taiwanese Name:無人搬運車
Japanese Name:無人搬送車

   AGV is short for Automatic Guided Vehicle, it’s the transportation vehicle equipped with electric-magnetic or optical guidance devices, safety protection and all kinds of loading and transferring functions that moves through regular route.AGV is the special application of WMR-Wheel Mobile Robot, the transportation vehicle which needs no drivers can use rechargeable battery as the power source in industry application. Usually operator use computer to control the route and action or use electro-magnetic path-following system to set up its route. The electro-magnetic path-following system is sticked on ground, then AGV moves and acts according to the information from electro-magnetic path-following system.

   AGV is mainly used for the operation of carriage, loading the products on its back by manpower or automatic loader, AGV sends out the direction and then moves to the specific location, unloading the products from the back by manpower or automatic loader, so the transportation finished. Under the control system commands, the AGV with auto loading and unloading device can finish the whole processes of picking up, placing, and horizontal movement. But AGV without loading and unloading device can just move horizontally, it needs manpower or other loading and unloading device to complete picking up and placing.


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