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Below are the basic structure of AGV

Bodywork --- assembled by frame and relevant mechanic equipment, basic part of AGV, installation base of other assembly components.

Battery and charger --- AGV is usually driven by 24V and 28V direct current battery. The battery power supply should keep demand of ongoing 8-hour work.

Driving unit --- Made up of wheels, decelerator, breaker, driving electric motor and speed controller and other accessories, who is the equipment for normal running control. The command is sent by computer or manual controller, moving speed, direction and break adjustment are controlled by computer. Mechanic breaking should be available for  safety when electricity failed.

Guidance unit --- Receives direction information of guidance system, turns by turning unit.

On-vehicle controller --- Receives and  execute command from control center, and sends status (location, speed etc.) back immediately to control center.

Communication unit --- For information exchanging between AGV and ground control station and  ground monitoring equipment.

Safety protection equipment --- Including AGV self-protection, to-human and other protection.

Transformation unit --- Contacts directly with carried goods for transformation.

Information transformation and processing unit --- Monitors AGV and the ground status, communicates with ground control station in realtime.

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