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Features of AGV system
AGV system has the features of repeatability, reliability, flexibility, low cost and safety. At first, AGV system was for long distance transportation, especially among numerous stations. But there are many other reasons that we choose AGV system.
1.Safety --- It’s hard to tell the route of human-driving vehicle, while the guidance route of AGV are pretty specific, which greatly increases safety.
2.Cost control --- the returning period of AGV cost is short while the payment period of employees is long, and it will keep increasing due to inflation.
3.Easy maintenance --- The crashes are hard to prevent when human drive the vehicles, while AGV adopts anti-crash equipment to prevent accidents.
4.Predictability --- AGV will automatically stop when meeting roadblock, while this situation may not happen for human driving.
5.Lower product damage --- Using OKAGV system can help to prevent product damage caused by careless operation from workers.
6.Improve logistics management --- Due to internal intelligent control of AGV system, the product storage can be more ordered and the workshop can be more cleaner and tidier.
7.Lower operation cost --- The recharging and management of battery are accomplished automatically by AGV system, which extends battery life and reliability.
8.Smaller ground requirement --- AGV needs narrowest route than the traditional fork truck. Meanwhile the free driving AGV can accomplish loading and unloading specifically on the conveyor belt or other mobile equipment.
9.Flexibility --- AGV system allows the maximum change of route plan.
10.Repetitiveness --- The initial purpose of AGV system is for carrying large numbers of goods repeatedly.
11.Dispatching ability --- Due to the reliability, AGV system has very outstanding dispatching ability.
12.Long-distance transportation --- AGV system is able to transport goods from point to point effectively, especially suitable for long-distance transportation (over 60 meters)
13.Process flow --- The AGV system should be part of process flow, and the connection to numerous processes
14.Production balancing --- In the production environment where products need repeated operation, AGV system can help or provide production balancing.
15.Calculability --- AGV system can track the material transportation, which is the manual driving fork truck cannot accomplish. You can have product transportation status any time when products are loaded on AGV.

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