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The effect and development of AGV in all fields
The AGV transfer robot is the industrial robot for automatic transportation. The earliest AGV transfer robot was born in the United States 1960, the robots Versatran and Unimate were the first time for transportation, which meant using one equipment to carry workpieces from one processing point to another.  Different end effectors can be installed on OKAGV transfer robots for transportation of all workpieces in different shapes, which greatly reduces human physical work. Currently there are more than 100,000 transfer robots  being used in the world for material loading and unloading, punching machine automation production line, automatic assembly flow line, wharf transportation, containers transportation, etc. Some developed countries have had the fixed  maximum manual transportation, the overtaken part must be done by transfer robot.
      AGV transfer robot is the high and new technology developed in recent years, involving mechanics, device hydraulic and barometric technology, automatic control technology, sensor technology, single chip technology and computing technology, etc. It has both advantages of human and machine in self structure, which embodying artificial intelligence and suitability.
       In global manufacturing industry, the production of modern paper manufacturing industry is just behind telecom manufacturing and automobile industry. China has been the second largest paper consuming country and third largest manufacturing country, and Shandong Province is the one with largest scale and fastest development of paper industry in China. But comparing with the other developed countries, 
the equipping level of paper industry is low in China, and the paper post packaging, transportation, storage automation technic and equipment are monopolized.

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