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The Technology of AGV Magnetic Guidance Sense is the platform of magnet which  combined with magnetic signal detecting and the relative movement of vehicle and magnetic marker. The real rectilinear motion, S motion and acceleration and other motions of the magnetic marker guidance auto-driving vehicle are simulated on this platform, and the function will be accomplished by programming.The change of magnetic signal will be observed and recorded according to the magnetic induction intensity under different materials and shape of magnetic marker in spot test, and the change of vertical distance between magnetic sensor and marker. Researching the influence of magnetic marker to the design of magnetic sensor and the key magnetic sensor signal test of magnetic guidance automatic driving, which is the key of this system.
AGV Magnetic Guidance Sensor
By detecting and contrastive analysis, the detecting accuracy, anti-jamming performance, and costing of the magnetic guidance sensor has been greatly improved, which helps the application of the two-dimensional sensor to the magnetic guidance automatic driving system.

Performance Index

◆ Power Voltage: DC 7-40V
◆ Circuit Protection: With polarity reversal protection
◆ Guidance Tape: 50 mm width, 1.2mm thickness,Surface Magnetic Flux: 100 gauss
◆ Standard and Length of Wire: 20-core flat cable, 0.25 mm diameter.
◆ Working Humidity: 10-90% RH (No condensation)
◆ Current lost: Less than 30 mA
◆ Output: 16 bit NPN
◆ Working temperature:-10℃to+50℃
◆ Protection level:IP-54
◆ Shelf material: PBT engineering plastics or aluminum alloy

Technical Parameters

Detecting distance 50±10mm
Detecting polarity N pole, S pole
No. of detecting point 16 (10mm isometry)
Limit of output Top voltage:DC45V
Limit of output Output current of single circuit: 50mA
Limit of output Total output current: 500mA
Response time 10ms
Temperature range of storage -40-+80℃

Output Circuit

AGV Magnetic Guidance Sensor

Outside view and installation size

AGV Magnetic Guidance Sensor


Avoid oil stain contact, chemical corruption, and strong acid-base for long-term steady work guarantee.

No other magnetic object is allowed in the detecting area for avoiding magnetic obstruction.

The sensor should be vertical to the magnetic object when working, inclination degree should not be more than ±10° to any direction.

Clean the sensor regularly, prevent metal dust sticking.

Make sure right wire connection, fine contact, and no disconnection.

Keep input voltage, environment and other parameters are in the allowed range.

Keep the detecting distance in the allowed range.

Terms of Warranty

Under the situation which user follows the instructions for storage and usage, and within 24 months since day of consignment, we the company will repair or replace the product for free when the product damaged or can’t work due to quality reason.Products which taken apart unauthorizedly are out of warranty.Products damaged by act of God, natural disaster and other irresistible reasons are out of warranty.

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